Summer concert 2019

Arco takes a stand on Fast Fashion

in Music Education

With the generous support of Islington Giving's going Greener fund, and Lucy Tamman of House of Tamman, we are now able to officially announce our newest project:

Arco goes ECO

Visit Arco goes ECO to see how you can take part and follow us on social media for additional events throughout April!

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BIG NEWS! Bootcamp for Strings!


Bootcamp for Strings is a one-week intensive music project that opens up new ways of playing and learning music to both pupils and teachers, allowing risks to be taken and new ways of self-expression to be tried, all directed by our student’s own ideas!

Bootcamp for Strings exists of 5 key ingredients:

quartet rehearsals, self directed learning, masterclasses, performance and parental engagement. 

Look out for BFS22!


At Arco we believe making music should be a possibility for every child.

Arco provides high quality, afforable

violin tuition.

Our aim is to bring joy through music, whilst reaching each child's full musical potential.


The lessons happen in groups, so do come together with your friends!